Juvenile Hall Outreach

Today, in America, more than 2.5 million juveniles are arrested yearly and 70% of juveniles convicted of crimes that have gone on to commit crimes again. With the U.S. prison population increasing 15x faster than the general population, the urgency for youth intervention has never been greater. To further these unforgiving statistics, a study revealed 94% of incarcerated youth has not ever had a positive adult male role model consistently present in their lives. Another study portrayed 84% of the boys who become serious juvenile offenders, have parents with criminal records. It is quite evident and frightening that at-risk young people are in dire straits, desperately needing healthy relationships with positively influential adults.

Nurturing relationships, as a core principle for positive moral and spiritual development, Living Praise CDC fosters programs that include social counseling, entrepreneurial training, one-on-one mentoring, recovery, intellectual development and re-entry support for the juvenile youth locked up in detention centers with a goal to create and develop responsible, productive, intellectually-sound, taxpaying, law-abiding citizens of the community.

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